Our Story?

Okami: What is it?

Long ago… A legend was born, a being with a dominant force. We keep returning because of the experiences we gained. We are more powerful and hungry as ever. Your doubt is visible to me; let me demonstrate my powerful skills. We train every day and strive for perfection. There are thousands of villains in existence today, but we are the ones who carry the legacy. The land belongs to us, we must claim what is rightfully ours. I am what you call “Okami!“


The Wolf Awaits

Our Purpose:

Bringing back what was once Utopia for the typical villager is our aim with this. Crooks and unfaithful jokers are rife in our country. It's time to display our teeth once more since you've already seen what we're capable of in the past. Come along with us as we demonstrate our domination in the land.

Our Journey:

Building our kingdom is the first step in our quest. The most deserving soldiers who assist us in realizing our vision are given a crucial role. We construct every day, forming an unbreakable force. It'll be great in the end.

Our Foe:

There are others who share our abilities. We have come to retrieve our property. We will emerge as monarchs of all lands with heart and courage. Join us to demonstrate our frailty and that we are not in it for the money. Okami is in charge. Our adversaries want to stop us, but we are eager to be the target of psychological warfare. We must convert the opposing side if we want to win.

The Okami Warrior


Contract: 0x92CC4e55DA0FC0AAC4dC780866e1514209c41f8d
ETH Reflections 10%

Total Supply

The total supply of Okami tokens is 100 million


Consistent 10% ETH reflections for its token holders

Tax Percentage

The buy tax is set at 5%, while the initial sell tax is 10%. The sell tax will then decrease by 1% each day until it reaches the final tax rate of 5%.


Okami token is poised to become an integral part of Archangel's rapidly growing ecosystem,
which offers a wide range of services and benefits to users.
This integration will allow Okami holders to access new opportunities for growth and investment,
while also benefiting from Archangel's robust network of industry partnerships and cutting-edge technologies.
You will not lose your initial input only rewards if you decide to unstake early.


How will we achieve all of this?

This can change as we progress

Phase 1
Finalize tokenomics and smart contract.
Deploy the smart contract.
Whitepaper V2.
• Marketing campaigns to create awareness.
• Launch on decentralized exchanges.
Phase 2
• Apply for listings on reputable centralized exchanges.
• Establish partnerships with other DeFi projects and platforms.
• Dextools Trending.
• Continue marketing efforts to grow the Okami V2 community.
• CMC list.
• CG list.
Phase 3
• Release the beta of Hungry Wolves.
• Continue development of additional features, updates, and expansions for the game.
• Explore potential partnerships with established game developers and platforms.
• Increase marketing efforts to promote the game.